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Jhelum Paranjape Solo.


To highlight syncretism, Jhelum chose a devotional song by the 17th century Oriya poet Salabeg. Lore has it that Salabeg being Muslim, was not allowed to enter the temple of Jaganath Puri, yet remained one of Jaganath's most ardent devotees. To date, the mammoth Jaganath Yatra makes a stop at Salabeg's tombstone in Puri. Ahe Neela is a well known Odiya song and dance item in the Odissi repertoire, choreographed by Guru Kelecharan Mohapatra. In this song, Salabeg in his last years of his life pleads of Lord Jaganath to release him from his physical pain and suffering, by granting him Moksha.
The video has inter-titles, explaining the lyrics and the ‘sanchari bhav’ of the dance.

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Download Ahe Neela by Jhelum Paranjape 15 minutes.


Bahauddin Dagar is the youngest exponent of the RudraVeena in Dhrupad. His Father was credited for redesigning the Veena to suit Dhrupad’s “kharaj” low octave. Before his recital, Bahauddin presented a brief archeology of the RudraVeena - born as legend has it, from Shiva’s inspiration of the contours of Parvati’s reclining body.

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Download Iconography of the RudraVeena by Bahauddin Dagar. 6 mins.


Kabir, the 15th Century poet needs no introduction.
Kabir says, "Listen wise ones…” and Listen they still do across a subcontinent, be they followers of Hinduism, Islam, Sufism, Bhaktism, or Sikhism.

Neela Bhagwat sings Kabir.

A famous Thumri by the legendary Begum Akhtar:
Hamari Atariya pe aao savariya, sara jhagda khatam hoee jaaye. Come up to my roof, o dark one…. Our whole fight will end then.

Neela Bhagwat highlighted a little known fact- “Few people know that Begum Akhtar first sang this song just after partition”. Seen in this context, the song’s invitation of supreme love sung from one roof to another evokes a secular unauthored memory of countless desires, relationships and love stories disrupted irrevocably on this day August 14, 1947.

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Download Neela Bhagwat sings Kabir.

Download Neela Bhagwat sings Hamari Atariya pe aao savariya, sara jhagda khatam hoee jaaye.


Aditya Kalyanpur and Party presented Raag Yaman.

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a concert of composite culture was held on the 14th of August 2002, at St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra. This one-off event, curated and produced by Chitrakarkhana, was designed to create awareness of the deep secular/composite traditions in Indian classical music and dance.

The four-hour performance followed an evolutionary sequence: Odissi invocation > Dhrupad instrumental > Khayal > Thumri > Fusion > Experimental.

We want to thank the accomplished artists who all performed for free in the spirit of the concert. click for pics- Jhelum Paranjape and the Smitalay Dance School. Baha'ud'din Dagar, Neela Bhagwat, Aditya Kalyanpur, Vijay Natesan, Vidya Balasubramaniam, Ravindra Chari, Adrian D'souza and Storms. Thank you all!


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